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Wanting to improve your website ranking in the major search engines for your local services or products in Pensacola, but you dont have the time or true understanding? Are words like “link building”, “SEO” and “Social proof” confusing you? If so, then you have come to the right place for Pensacola SEO.  We at ConnectIT are SEO specialist in Local search engine optimization services.  No matter the services or products your company offers we can hep optimize your online presence in Pensacola or surrounding areas to achieve the influx of business you want.

SEO Company for Pensacola, FL

Don’t get in a rush to get to the “good stuff”, as it were. Before we can get there, you need to understand a few foundation principles of how search engines rank different sites, and how they decide what site connects to what keywords. Because of the vast size of the internet, it is impossible for any one person or group of people to scour these websites to determine which one has the most relevant information. Instead, this task depends on small programs called “spiders.”

The work of these mini programs is to crawl the websites and look for some specific markers that indicate the contents of the website and the various keywords the website is related to. These programs are unable to view illustrations or pictures and rather rely on links that lead out of and into a site, headings and website copy to gain any clues that are relevant.

Search Engine Optimization Pensacola

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is creating and optimizing a website so that the search engines crawlers can better recognize the website’s content and rank it according to how relevant the website is for popular search terms. There are two general aspects of this practice. Off-site and on-site optimization, both of which are absolutely essential to gaining a top 10 ranking.


Onsite SEO

On-Site SEO is described as the very first step required for ranking sites effectively and is associated with making sure that the content that features on a website contains the right factors needed to impact the rankings.

These aspects will include the following:

  • There are no errors on the website and the information is “bot friendly.”
  • The copy is well written and that headers, links, ALT text and bullets are used properly
  • There are enough keywords without being overused
  • Presence of properly formatted Metadata
  • Schema, authorship and rich snippets are present where needed
  • Social media links are included on the website
  • The site is accessible to bots and spiders

Search Engine Marketing Pensacola

A good Pensacola SEO company will verify that each of the aspects is properly placed on your website. They should do an audit, analyze and modify your site to ensure it drives organic traffic to your website. Finally, the SEO company will ensure that your site is properly ranked on search engines.

Increased Mobile Search

When a few changes are enforced from the back-end such as markups, speed, HTML tags and meta data and the design of the site is either, not mobile friendly, slow or image based, a redesign is essential to make sure that the venture becomes successful. The SEO specialist in Pensacola, FL can analyze your website and provide you with detailed info on the aspects that need changes in order to ensure success of your venture.

Responsive and mobile friendly web design is a major factor when it comes to ranking. Furthermore driving free organic traffic into your website. Google implemented a new factor to its ranking system in 2015. With this newest update, websites are penalized if they are not mobile friendly. This can mean that your optimized site can rank lower if it is not mobile ready. Due to this factor, mobile optimization is a must and forms an integral part of on-site SEO.

Off-Site SEO Linking To The Network

Despite the fact that the algorithms used by Google are kept a secret, it still offers many tips for ranking. Many Pensacola SEO specialists agree that the amount and the quality of the inbound links are high up on this list. This is where off-site SEO comes into play. Off-site SEO is a strategy used to help improve your website’s reputation on the internet. Diverse as well as well-rounded link profiles are needed to rank well when it comes to Pensacola keywords.