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The Phone Book…

The phone book? Many of you may ask what is a phone book? Others may ask do they still print them? And the rest of us are like, yes the phone book gets printed, its mostly small and every time I see one now days I wonder who has gotten suckered into paying for advertising in that book this year.

The Phone Book was THE resource if you needed to find a local business or person for that matter, as there was the White Pages and the Yellow Pages. White pages was residential and Yellow pages was commercial. But this resource is dead and no longer viable for any possible visibility for any business.

Now days there is a yellow pages online and yes you can purchase ads or premiums listings on it, at much lower rate than if you did a paper version ad in which they try to sell you to get an ad online… no need for the paper ad. Check out our FREE listing on The Real Yellow Pages and see for yourself.

Google has become the “phone book” of the digital times. If you are looking for an accountant, a shoe store, an attorney or find the local pizza joint you pull out your phone or get on your computer. You then type in what it is you are looking for and a few seconds later a list of companies. In the past few years most all major search engines now have implemented Maps, which show a map and some of the businesses who are listed. To say the least, GOOGLE is the new phone book.

If you have a local business and you need more visibility, then don’t pay for paper advertising anymore. Find a local website design company and preferably one who does search engine optimization and get things rolling.

The good thing about roughly 92% of people using Google to find a local product or service is, it is always available. No matter if they just moved into town, no waiting on next years phone book to arrive, or if they are driving around town. It is a resource that most everyone now uses and has access to, thanks to smartphones, almost at any given time.

What it comes down to is its time to move on and UP… make sure your competition is not getting your potential customers. If you think you arent the only business with a proper website, and proper seo, then go to google and type in the search box… “Your kind of business” and see who shows up.


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