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Alabama Disinfection and Cleaning Services (ADACS) is your go-to source for all disinfection and sanitation services in Mobile and Baldwin County. ADACS works with commercial and residential entities to keep you and your loved ones safe from diseases by eliminating the spread of infections and bacteria. Our goal is to provide a healthy and germ-free environment for our clients, their clients, and the communities we serve.

Achieved 46 Organic Keywords without specifically targeting organics.
In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 20%


To increase calls and visibility for this disinfection and cleaning company.


A complete website and proper SEO tactics. We went after organic and google map pack results  with this client to increase visibility and assist in local search results.


Results are just starting to leak in as a company with brand new online presence. Starting to see Google Maps visibility. 


From The Client

“Have heard good things about Connect IT SEO, we are now putting our business in your hands! ”


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