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Custom Social Media

Keeping your business visible and consistent across the internet is important. By having your website connection to social media such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram or YouTube, you gain fans and followers. Opening channels for new potential customers and add ranking juice to search engines. Having custom social media pages are the place to start.

Designing custom social media pages for Facebook and Twitter and other social networks should be part of your online marketing package. We work with you from conception to completion to design and implement unique pages for your company’s social network. Furthermore ConnectIT SEO enhances your online presence through your website and social media.

There’s a reason social networks like Facebook and YouTube are worth billions of dollars. People spend lots of time on them. The average persons time on social media worldwide is over 2 hours, and that’s a lot of online exposure. Social Media Marketing allows your company to have a consistent presence in the eyes of consumers. This is a marketing opportunity that must be taken advantage of.

At the end of the day, social media is too rich a space to ignore. With the opportunities to market directly to specific audiences and interact with your key user base, it’s something every company should be taking advantage of in some regard.

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